Father’s Day Bash Promotional Package

fathersday promo

Father’s Day is one of the most important events of the year where we find time to do something unique for the most loving person of our life. The day is about to come; it is on Sunday 18th June. So, have you planned about celebrations? How about the idea of organizing a family outing at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand ? Definitely cool! This place is suitable for all weather conditions and you will be glad to know that tickets for the event are available at discount rates. On this father’s day, 4D Adventure Land has a unique offer for your family with its two distinguished packages. Package one offersa great deal on S$62.90 where you can move in a group of one child, one adult, and one father. The fun gets doubled with special services available on the second deal of this first package as it has more options where with payment of S$82.90, you can have fun with additional 3 pirates. On the otherside, 4D adventure land will allow you to enjoy best deals on package 2 that includes adeal for one father, two children, and one adult with payment of S$84.90 and another ticket is available with aprice range of S$114.90 where you can make a big group with 4 additional pirates.

If you are really interested in having more fun with your family with the classic arrangements of 4D adventure land then Father’s day event brings the best option for you. You need not worry about the hot weather because the wonderful 4D action theater is well equipped with AC and it will bring real entertainment to your life.

Take a look of three special screenings of Father’s Day event:

Journey 2: With this screening, you will be able to have a wonderful ride to Mysterious Island of Sentosa 4D AdventureLand. Never forget to get tickets for family adventure drama on this father’s day as this movie is suitable for adults as well as young kids. Years back in 2012, you might have enjoyed films in 3D but this time you will be able to explore the drama in 4D. With one-day adventure pass on father’s day, you will be able to watch three outstanding movies with 4D effects. It will definitely be a memorable experience for each one of you with a thrill in every next scene.

Extreme Log Ride: Kids must be curious to enjoy an adventurous trip with loving father on this special day so it is definitely a great idea to move ahead towards Extreme Log Ride on 4D screen. The 10 minutes amazing experience will be unforgettable for you all with an excellent audio- visual experience. The motion effects are really thrilling and you will be able to enjoy a spectacular journey to dream land of Himalazon.

Desperados: Here is the kind of adventure where you can enjoy action plus adventure at the same time with hilarious gun fights. Although, this screen is designed for children that are below 16 age group yet the awesomeness of this platform attracts adults too.

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