Promotional Package for Father’s Day

Sentosa 4D Adventure Land is one of the most popular theme parks in Singapore. It is well equipped with high tech technologies to fill visitor’s life with fun, adventure, and entertainment. So, isn’t it good to move towards this exciting place to have amemorable experience on this Father’s day? Yeah! That special day is about to come and 4D Adventure Land is ready to provide you special discount offers on tickets for this special day. You can visit this park between 10am to 9pm and there are lots of attractions inside for kids as well as adults. So these 11 hours on father’s day can become most wonderful with bets tourist attractions of Sentosa 4D Adventure Land.

What are the special promotion offers for Father’s Day?

There are two special packages for the day with exciting benefits. Package one includes first ticket option for a company of father, one child and one adult with payment of S$62.90 whereas 2nd ticket option allows visitors to have 3 pirates with them at ticket price range of S$82.90 only. The 2nd package is even more interesting where 1st ticket option is available for a group of father, 2 children, and 1 adult with an inexpensive price range of S$84.90. Another wonderful ticket choice allows package 2 visitors to move inside with additional 4 pirates by making payment of only S$144.90.

Screenings for the day:

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island:

If you are crazy to move ahead with technological exposure then you should enjoy anadventure packed 4D screen experience at this Pacific Island. You will be able to enjoy 3 stunning 4D movies that are suitable for kids as well as adults. The classic videos have animpressive collection of lifelike effects of the wind, water, air and several other natural elements with incredible sound effects. This experience with natural beauty will definitely be most unforgettable and satisfactory for all of you.

Extreme Log Ride:

This action ride is designed with aperfect combination of adventure, thrill, and action. 10 minutes on this ride will provide you anincredible way to thefantasy land that is a stunning blend of the Amazon and Himalayas. It is designed with sensory effects of wind and motion with wide screen 4D projection where you will be able to enjoy lots of super realistic things. No matter whether it is a hot sunny day of summer season or a rainy day, the extreme log ride can always be full of fun. You will explore a way to heavily flowing rivers with super movements like bounce, turn, roll and even fly. The high-speed ride on roller coaster drives you to the world of creativity.


The 3rd screen is most thrilling with its cool motion sensor and interactive technology combinations. Every movement on this screen appears realistic with heart throbbing experience and if your shooting skills are good then you will have real fun on this screen. Get involved with fantastic challenges on competitive shootout games and take home several amazing rewards.


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