Extreme Log Ride – First In Southeast Asia

If you are looking forward to an adventure filled afternoon at Sentosa 4d AdventureLand then make sure to check out the fantastic Extreme Log Ride in full 4D. The most thrilling of all the screenings at Sentosa, Extreme Log Ride is a powerful 15 minutes experience you are never going to forget. Created for action and adventure lovers of all the ages, Extreme Log Ride comes with an unparalleled audio and visual experience. So get your glasses on and gear up for the most thrilling ride through the fierce rivers of the fantasy land Himalazon- a blend of the Himalayas and the Amazon. The super realistic 4D high definition video is sure to create a powerful impact.

The year is 2020 and human kind is on the brink of extinction because of a massive environmental disaster. In order to counter this, the scientists have come up with a super tree whose task it is to save the world from extinction. In this ride you will be following a Super Tree log in the Himalamazon in a spectacular journey through the wilderness. It is not very different from a log ride but only a few notches extreme. You will be gliding through some of the most perilous zones and your job as a super tree is to save mankind from extinction. As a viewer you need to follow the super tree or rather the super log through a mind blowing ride across narrow ravines and gorges. Expect to bounce, roll, turn and even fly as you make your way through one of the fastest flowing rivers.

One of the most popular of all the three 4D shows at Sentosa AdventureLand, Extreme Log Ride is not meant for the faint hearted. The 1o minute ride with the super tree log is enough to give you the ride of a life time – a ride would remembering. Though it’s not so easy to visualize yourself as a log yet just a few seconds into this ride is going to keep your adrenaline flowing. With Extreme Log Ride you can expect both the kids as well as their parents to scream insanely. You will more than just enjoy your trip with the super log and just one ride is never enough. If you are looking forward to escape the scorching sun or the torrential summer rains then just get inside the Sentosa 4D AdventureLand where you can always have a blast no matter is its sunny or raining.

The high speed roller coaster ride through the narrow ravines in the state of art theatre of Sentosa 4D AdventureLand is sure to make you come back for more. The super realistic special effects like the splash or water on your face would make you feel as if you are really rafting through one of the most dangerous terrains of the planet. The wind and motion sensory effect, the wide screen projection, the state of art audio visual technology along with the six axis motion system are just some of the factors which has made this show one of the most popular at 4D AdventureLand.