Extreme Log Ride – First In Southeast Asia

The most popular ride of all the screenings, Extreme Log Ride is a powerful experience you are never going to forget. Created for action and adventure lovers of all the ages, Extreme Log Ride comes with an unparalleled audio and visual experience. Get your 3D glasses on and gear up for the most thrilling ride through the fierce rivers of the fantasy land Himalamazon- a blend of the Himalayas and the Amazon. The super realistic 4D high-definition video is sure to create a powerful impact.

Follow the super tree or rather the super log through a mind-blowing ride across narrow ravines and gorges. Expect to bounce, roll, turn and even fly as you make your way through one of the fastest flowing rivers.

The wind and motion sensory effect, the wide screen projection, the state of art audio visual technology along with the six-axis motion system are just some of the factors which has made this show one of the most popular at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand.