4-In-1-Combo + Trick Eye Museum

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4-In-1-Combo + Trick Eye Museum

Wondering which is the best way to celebrate the festive season in Singapore? Well you just need to buy a combo ticket and take your family out for a trip to the super exciting 4D Adventureland and Trick Eye Museum. Now you can buy a combo ticket which would give you access to all the fantastic shows at the best amusement park of the country. Adults can get the combo ticket for just s$52.90 while children below the age of 12 can get it for just s$41.90. So if you are looking forward to have the most fantastic experience of the year then just get a combo ticket and head for the adventure of a life time.What comes with the combo ticket?
The combo ticket would come with all the 4 rides screenings at Adventureland along with access to the fantasy world of Trick Eye Museum.The Screenings- With the combo ticket you will get to enjoy three screenings in full 4D.
Journey2: The Mysterious Island- In this science fiction comedy you will be experiencing the same thrills and adventures as that of the characters. Based on a book by Jules Verne this screening would take you to the beautiful Pacific Islands as you join the characters of the movie in a quest for treasure. Enjoyable by adults and children alike this show should not be missed at any cost.
Extreme Log Ride- This is one of the most popular screenings at 4D Adventureland. Here you will be riding a super tree log as it glides through the fierce streams and cascades of the deadly forests of Amazon. The year is 2050 and the universe is on the brink of extinction. It is the task of this super log to save human beings from becoming extinct. Don’t be scared while you glide down the turbulent streams and feel a splash of water on your face.
Desperadoes- In this action packed interactive screening you will be stepping into the shoes of a Texas Ranger whose job it is to kill all the bad guys from the town. Before the screening starts the audience will be provided with a motion sensor gun with which they are required to shoot the villains. You along with 20 other shooters will be eliminating all the pirates from a small town in the Wild West.
Trick Eye Museum The combo ticket would also grant you access to all the delights of the Trick Eye Museum. Trick Eye Museum would give you the ultimate photo opportunity of your life. In this interactive 4D you can expect to be immersed in a world of illusion and fantasy in 6 super exciting zones – fantasy, fairy tale, trick world, supernatural, excitement and mystery. Step into the optical illusion room to see all your favorite paintings converted into brilliant artwork in full 3D.So hurry up and get your combo ticket for the ultimate fun time in the festive season and buy your tickets at a super discounted price.


4D AdventureLand and 4-In-1-Combo + Trick Eye Museum

Adult: S$52.90 (UP: S$71.90)
Child: S$41.90 (UP: S$53.90)
Terms & Conditions:

  • This special promotion package is only for on-line purchases.
  • This e-ticket confirmation is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.
  • Please print and present the confirmation letter at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Ticketing Counter.
  • Last admission to all 3 attractions is at 8.15pm.
  • Sentosa Island admission and transportation charges apply.
  • This e-ticket confirmation is non-refundable and void if altered.
  • Extension of validity is not allowed.

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