4-In-1 Combo + Cable Car (Sentosa Line)

4-In-1 Combo + Cable Car (Sentosa Line)

A trip to the fantastic island of Sentosa is never complete without a visit to the amazing 4D Adventureland. Thanks to the introduction of the special package you can now enjoy a ride in the Sentosa Cable car by paying an additional $2. This means that the visitors would get to enjoy both the attractions by just paying $2 more. After enjoying the super thrilling 4D movie screenings you can now head for a spectacular journey in a cable car over the beautiful island of Sentosa. This cable car ride which is going to take you through the Sentosa line. Here you will be gliding over the sea, sand and forests of the island. You can choose to stop at the Imbiah Lookout station (closest to Adventureland), Siloso Point (close to the beautiful beaches), Merlion Station, SEA Aquarium and many more.
After enjoying the stunning views of the islands from high above you can now go for an exciting screening session at 4D Adventureland which is open every single day of the week. Thanks to the special package you can now save a lot of money and enjoy all the pleasures Sentosa has to offer. After the exhilarating ride you can now look forward to enjoying the most enthralling spectacle you have ever witnessed. Once you take your seat you will be given a pair of glasses before you are taken for a ride through the fierce rivulets of the fantasy land of Himalazon. Extreme Log Ride is a show you should never miss at any costs. In this show you will step into the shoes of a super tree log and float through some of the most dangerous landscape of the planet. The occasional splash of water on your face is going to keep it real like never before. The 5 minutes roller coaster ride is a one in a lifetime experience you should never miss out at any cost.
Journey 2 is yet another interesting screening at 4D Adventureland. Excerpts from the Hollywood blockbuster movie Journey 2 is sure to be an audio visual treat for young and adults alike. The show which is going to last for 20 minutes is sure to keep your 5 senses at the edges. Pirates is another popular interactive screening session at the 4D Sentosa Adventureland. Here you will need to participate in a thrilling gunfight to eliminate the bad buys. This show is ideal for children below the age of 16. Here you will be stepping into the shoes of a Western hero who  is supposed to kill all the wicked pirates with the help of a superb motion sensor pistol. You can enjoy this stunning show by paying an additional $10. So if you are looking forward to make the most out of your trip to Sentosa without draining your wallet then make sure to buy the special new package for Sentosa Cable Car and 4D Adventureland.

4-In-1 Combo + Cable Car (Sentosa Line)

Adult: S$47.90
Child: S$38.90

Terms & Conditions:

  • This special promotion package is only for on-line purchases.
  • This e-ticket confirmation is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.
  • Please print and present the confirmation letter at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Ticketing Counter.
  • Last admission to all 3 attractions is at 8.15pm.
  • Sentosa Island admission and transportation charges apply.
  • This e-ticket confirmation is non-refundable and void if altered.
  • Extension of validity is not allowed.

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